PADI Open Water Diver Touch Course

Do you love the ocean? Are you interested in coral reefs and the beautiful marine life that inhabits them? Or maybe you like history and cannot wait to explore archeological sites?

If the answer is yes to any or all of these, you should look into getting your diving certification. Start with the first level PADI Open Water Diver Course. Anyone 11 years of age and older can qualify for the PADI open water certification (or PADI junior open water).


Why choose a PADI course? PADI Divers carry the most respected and sought after scuba diving credentials in the world. No matter where you choose to dive, your PADI certification card will be recognized and accepted. In fact, on most scuba diving adventures, you’ll be surrounded by other PADI Divers who made the same certification choice you did – to train with the world’s largest and most respected scuba diving training organization. And 7 main reasons, Education, Performance-Based Learning, Educational Materials, Educational Standards, Continuing Diver Education, College Credit and Vocational Training, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standards Compliant.

Now you have the possibility to start your studies at home and to think to practice dive skills when you will be in your holiday place, with a PADI instructor. How it’s possible? PADI has many digital products, you must only, watch, listen, read, scroll, tap and interact while you learn to scuba dive with PADI Open Water Diver Touch. It’s fun, it’s easy, it’s portable and it’s your entry to the underwater world as a scuba diver.

Want to try it? Download the free PADI Library app for Apple or Android and experience the Touch introduction.

And remember, Diving Riviera di Ulisse is waiting for your holiday in Italy.