Outdoor activities for all the year

Outdoor activities, helpful for soul, mind and body

Two natural park, mountains close to sea. A lot of outdoor activities, with professional guide we can explore our territory. Not only freediving and scuba diving, we can choose to try snorkeling, swimtrekking, kayaking, MTB and trekking.

Snorkeling, for all the people the simpler way to live the sea. Mask, snorkel, fins and we are ready to discover the wonderful world just under the sea level.

Swimtrekking, for those want explore the world completely. From the sea to the mountain, a dry case for the trekking equipment and we are ready.

Kayaking, an ecological and fast way to start the exploration of our coastline and discover beautiful places. Strength in the arms and goodwill for this adventure.

MTB, paths along the sea, the mountains and beautiful villages in the natural parks. For any level of training, Turistic (T*) to Great technic Capacity (MC*).

Trekking, the simpler way to explore our territory, to know the  naturalistic, hystoric, archeological and cultural richness, and also enogastronomy. Differet levels of training needed, Turistic (T*)  to Hiking Expert (EE*).

With these activities we have benefits for the soul, the mind and the body, but more important is the possibility of really socializing, creating a group of friends and to share experiences…

*Classification adopted on hiking and mountain biking trails from the Italian Alpine Club (CAI)