Diving Riviera di Ulisse

Diving, freediving, snorkeling and SUP in the myth, Formia, Gaeta e Sperlonga

Snorkelin in Formia, Gaeta and Sperlonga


Explore and get to know the ocean in all simplicity. Find out what is hidden under the water between Formia, Gaeta and Sperlonga

Scuba diving in Formia, Gaeta and Sperlonga

Recreational diving

Approach the sea and protect it. Grow your knowledge of the sea inFormia, Gaeta and Sperlonga

Stand Up Puddle

Explore the coast of the Riviera di Ulisse in a simple way with the help of an Environmental Hiking Guide

Freediving in Formia, Gaeta and Sperlonga


Discovering yourself and the ocean. Freediving between Formia, Gaeta and Sperlonga, to respect the sea and its inhabitants

TEC diving in Formia, Gaeta and Sperlonga

Technical diving

When a single cylinder is no longer enough. Explore places where only a few can get there

Mermaids and merfolk

Learn the secrets of mythological figures, hold your breath and enjoy exporing the ocean with a monofin

“From birth man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders, but under the surface of the water we are free.”

Jacques Yves Cousteau

There is only one large sea on planet Earth. Planet that should have been called Water or H2O since it is composed of about 71% of this element.

A single large sea called the Ocean, that’s why we cannot say that we have explored the world, if we have not seen what is hidden under the surface of the water …

Ready to start your adventure?

Diving, snorkeling, freediving in the Riviera di Ulisse, in the seabed of Formia, Gaeta and Sperlonga. The best teaching in the world, PADI, for every type of course, from those for children, to becoming technical or professional diver.

Diving Riviera di Ulisse
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