Mermaid and merfolk

The Mermaid Program is designed to be a rewarding and fun experience, suited to anyone with an interest in mermaid and merfolk diving. Although this experience shares techniques and equipment used in scuba and freediving, mermaid diving (or ‘mermaiding’) is its own form of diving.

Mermaid legends are common in many cultures around the world, with the earliest known stories dating to about 1000 B.C., Assyria. While the modern view is of upper human bodies and lower fish/fishtail bodies, traditionally European and Asian mermaids have differences, usually in the tail and/or body shape, but sometimes with other characteristics.

Whether you are a child or an adult, put on the monipin, hold your breath and discover the oceans as mythological figures.

Ready for the adventure?

Diving Riviera di Ulisse
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